Gravity – Lyrics


a storm
will arise
building up
from the hearts of the moons of mars

be prepared
for the day
when we walk from the darkness
out into light

drawing near
comes a time
‘cause the system is breaking down

be prepared
for the day
when we walk from the darkness
out into light


hear me breathe
from the other room
so which of all the lies you told
should i keep as my own?
the metaphors are lost on me
what i see is what i see
the earth is moving – time to say goodbye?

only sky ahead
love’s so hard to find
i saw it coming,
saw it go wailing down the line

will i see you again?
a window closed, an opened door
some seven steps away
my actions caught up finally
beyond the watchword wait and see
beyond the undecisive ways of mine

only sky ahead
love’s so hard to find
i saw it come and saw it go
somewhere down the line
down the line

the dream machine’s on speed
my head’s up in the clouds
we met up on the ledge
and i could read your mind
and though things fall asleep
nothing ever dies
i caught it on the bounce
and now we float
– hands outstretched –
along the river


a light shines above
a trace of the sky
reflecting in my lover’s eye

the sun going down
on a war, lost or won
all is silent in this newborn world of peace
we’re the only ones awake to see

it’s not a case of right and wrong
it’s all about to be
you and me
so come and bless my soul
it’s all about to be

a blue whippoorwill sings
on the other side of the rain
we’re through with the games
we survived the hate and the pain
the storm’s gone away
so come my kingdom come – come today


i make images of you
ideal more than true
i glue photos on my wall
ladder bound to fall

and now seeing you again
will it ever end?
here i’ve no way to deny
what should but did not die

dark of day and light of night
o u t s i d e i n s i d e o u t
perfume circling around my brain
draws me in again

hopeless, helpless soul unchained
i succumb again
come to me and make me blind
dark-eyed dream of mine


the lights have all turned red
on holloway road
a pale vision of inertia
in cold halogen glow

the last clapham bound train
is waiting to leave
but the engine-driver’s fallen
asleep at the wheel

when i picked up the phone
my hopes were put on hold
the outgoing wires were humming
my heart was growing cold

no rattling of keys
no break before the dawn
i still wait for my relief
what’s taking him so long?


soon an angel’s leaving
they’re ruled by laws of gravity
soon this door is closing
and you’ll never know unless you go
no, you’ll never know if you won’t go

wishing well of wonders
glitter box of dreams
inside lie bitter pills
you know i never wanted
to sing for your lover
but the angels sang of love
and outside the night was falling

fly – fiery angels kiss the sky
won’t you shine your light down on me
fly – through the blazing cosmic eye
no, you’ll never know if you won’t go

eleven ways to lose your mind
seven ways to shine
four doors that may take you in
one that’s closed behind
i should have seen you leaving
but i never thought you’d go
no, i never thought you’d walk away

it’s getting dark, too dark to see
and angel’s a long time gone
too many things i can’t combine
with logic reason
how can i tell the black from white
if all is black and blue?
god knows where i’m going
when the keeper waves me through…


i wonder how
we should fill the open space
after lunch time tea
in the rosary
and the evening picnic by the sea

tell me your name
i am game if you want to play
tell riddles in the hall
play hide and seek or ball
or if you’d like to sneak out through the wall

Lyrics by Jan Erik Liljeström

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